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As Millumin supports OSC, you can use TouchOSC to control it via your iPad or your iPhone.
Please install the TouchOSC app on your device, then download one of the layouts below.
You can edit your own layout as well with the TouchOSC Editor (see OSC doc below).

   If you need to run TouchMillumin on 2 devices, please download Multidevice

Download the layout for iPad

Download the layout for iPhone

Download the layout for iPhone (to map)

To map on iPhone, you can also use this custom layout by Benjamin Nesme.
Download this custom layout



  • After Effects plugin

    Realtime videomapping creation with After Effects.

  • MilluPlug

    MilluPlug allows you to connect and collaborate with everything.

  • SimpleSync

    SimpleSync allows you to synchronize several machines.

  • KinectMask

    KinectMask allows you to create dynamic masks based on the depth.

  • Developer Kit

    The Developer Kit shows you clear samples, to build your own apps.

  • MappingPresets

    MappingPresets allows you to recall and animate mappings.

  • SoundTransformer

    SoundTransformer helps you to create sound reactive installations.

  • BigClock

    BigClock is ... a big clock, so you could see time from the moon.

  • TouchMoreOSC

    TouchMoreOSC allows you to create new OSC messages for Millumin.

  • Monomal

    With Monomal, you can use your Monome with Millumin.

  • Canon Camera support

    Plugging your Canon EOS camera, directly to Millumin via USB.


    OSC Documentation

    The documentation has moved to GitHub.


    Artnet Documentation

    Here is the list of the DMX channel for Artnet, that works with Millumin.

    Global channels

  • 01     launch or stop column   (value : 0 to stop, 1-255 for column index)
  • 02     stop layer   (value : 0 for all, 1-255 to stop a specific layer)
  • 03     launch next column / playOrStop composition   (value : 1-255 to activate)
  • 04     play composition   (value : 1-255 to activate)
  • 05     stop composition   (value : 1-255 to activate)

  • Layer channels   (where X is the index of the layer)

  • X1     opacity   (value : 0-255 for 0/100%)
  • X2     x   (value : 0-255 for -1280/1270)
  • X3     y   (value : 0-255 for -1280/1270)
  • X4     scale   (value : 0-255 for 0/200%)
  • X5     rotation   (value : 0-255 for 0/360°)
  • X6     media   (value : 0 for none, 1-255 for media index)


    What's Millumin ?

    Millumin is a software to create and perform audiovisual shows.
    It helps you to integrate video in theaters, shows or mappings.

    Please visit the main website to try it !

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